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DEHUMANIZATION                           29

it was pre-conscious. But modern bestialism is
conscious, deliberate, the product of reflection
and civilization, self-justified. Over against the
inhumanity of modern nationalism stands that of
modern communism. It also refuses to con-
sider every man as of real value, as the likeness
and image of God. The class-enemy may be
treated as you like. We shall return to this
subject later and shall see that nationalism and
racialism are worse than communism.

There may have been a time when the image of
man, his truly human nature, was not yet revealed
óman was in a sort of potential state. This was
the case in the past. But now we face something
quite different. The image of man has been
shaken and has begun to disintegrate after it was
revealed. This is going on now in all spheres.
Dehumanization has penetrated into all phases of
human creativity. In making himself God, man
has unmanned himself. This is, of course, a
collapse of the humanistic theory of progress.
The fate of man is infinitely more complex than
it was thought to be in the nineteenth century.
The new world which is taking form is moved by
other values than the value of man or of human
personality, or the value of truth: it is moved
by such values as power, technics, race-purity,
nationality, the state, the class, the collective. The
will to justice is overcome by the will to power.